About Us

Smart Building Toys for Smart Kids is our online store exclusively offering quality Vista brand educational building toys, made in the Czech Republic. These building toys have been enjoyed for generations, me included. They don’t go out of style and are perfect for all ages, including parents and grandparents!  They will last and be able to pass on to the next generation. This is why I am so excited to bring them to you.

As a parent of five-year-old twin boys, it is very important for me that toys are top quality and come from non- health hazardous materials; and Vista toys do! They comply with strict EU regulations and also comply with the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act and the Canada Toy Regulations, SOR/2011-17. None of our products have been produced, in whole or in part, by child labour or forced labour.

We all know kids learn through play and develop socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. Smart building toys are my favourite gift to give to my kids for these reasons and much more. From sparking the imagination of young builders, problem solving, spatial and strategic thinking, developing the need to learn and explore, developing fine motor skills, role playing, sharing and so on.

I think every mom with young kids can agree with me that the phrase “just find something and play by yourself for a little bit” is very tempting to say with young children. I find myself saying that a lot! These building toys provide many creative possibilities and will engage and challenge your young builder, more than any amount of screen time!

I wish our smart toys would be a favourite with your smart kids as much as they are with mine.



Mom & Founder of Smart Building Toys for Smart Kids

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