How to shop for the right toys?

How to shop for the right toys?

It is not easy to buy toys for our children when there are endless amount of choices. There are some criteria though, we should consider. Often, parents prefer toys that are trendy, or “fad” toys.  Not only they are usually overpriced but soon after, they will be forgotten and kids will ask for the new “just in” toy they have seen on TV. But do kids need these kinds of toys? Probably not. Far better toys are building toys, table games, toys that challenge, spark the imagination, make kids think, problem solve etc.

If you want to pick a right toy, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Choose by the age.

The age sign on each toy is not there just for fun. Especially toys that are meant for bigger kids can be dangerous to babies and toddlers. There is a choking hazard on small parts as babies and toddlers like to put everything in their mouth. So avoid sharp edges, small parts that are loose or easily detached.   Also, if a toy is meant for a 6 year-old  and it is bought for a 3 year- old, chances are it is too difficult and uninteresting for a small fellow and he/she won`t play with it. This rule applies other way around too. A simple toy can be too easy and boring for an older child.

  1. Safe toys

It is important to pay attention where was the toy made and if there is a sign of quality on the packaging. Often times, there are recalls that a toy contains dangerous substance such as toxic materials, lead etc. and become safety hazards for children. Canadian, US and European testing standards for children toys are very high, therefore that is your better option.

Other factors worth to mention when picking a right toy should be price, educational value, and fun. Toys that have too much buttons and do too much noise and talk take away the imagination of a child. A golden rule the simpler the better works magic when picking a toy.

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